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My journey with Massage Therapy started about 25 years ago. Having suffered enormous stress during my childhood, which affected my digestive system and my well-being in general, I experienced intense pain daily. My mother then decided to take me to a reputable Massage Therapist and thus began for me a long year of sessions combining massage therapy and reflexology to try to relieve me.
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Thanks to this intervention, I was healed and that without having to take drugs. Undoubtedly, massage therapy was able to reduce my stress and thus restore my system. At the end of this therapy, I was able to regain my strength and continue going to school. My stomach and lower back pain stopped. I was back to a good physical and mental health.
100% convinced of the effectiveness of the massage I received, in turn, I was able to transmit the knowledge that I acquired from this adventure to those around me. I then proposed my massages to different people with different ailments. My sessions have been well received. These individuals were grateful for the positive result achieved over the years and they made me feel good for the work I did on them. Passion, love, and conviction are part of the reasons why today I became a Massage Therapist graduated from one of the best institutes in Quebec, the Academie de Massage Scientifique.
Stress has some powerful influence on our body. This causes various tension and body pain. Poor posture often linked to work is also a culprit. When these tensions build up over time, our body suffers because it is no longer able to compensate. This is where I intervene because I can help you get rid of your discomfort and allow you to regain lasting well-being. I am committed to using the various techniques and maneuvers mastered during my training to relieve your pain.
I look forward to meeting you and taking care of you!
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Massage suédois

Swedish massage

60 minutes 80$ | 90 minutes 110$ | 120 minutes 140$

Massage Thérapeutique

Therapeutic massage

60 minutes 90$

Cervical, head and face massage

30 minutes 50$

Massage of extremities

60 minutes 70$

Massage Plantaire

Plantar reflexology

30 minutes 50$